IDUN Consulting has a simple methodology, COMMUNICATE and UNDERSTAND:

  • Ask Questions

  • Understand the answers and document them.

  • Plan the strategy to meet the big picture.

    • Keeping an eye on the details.

  • Execute the Plan

  • Communicate!


Ask Questions

The first step in any process is learning and that happens through asking questions and engaging the client to see through the forest to the goal.


Understand and document

The understanding gained through questions need to be documented and agreed to so the project does not get stuck and keeps moving forward.


Plan the Strategy

Planning the strategy takes a cross functional team to work through the process and to ensure success. While functional and technical requirements are key, often forgotten areas are the impact to end users and the stress of change and how the new process and technology is impacting their day to day. IDUN Consulting has proven plans that improve the chances of success in planning the overall strategy to achieve the goal.


Execute the plan

Execution is key having the flexibility to adjust during the execution is critical. The plan is a guide and should be flexible. While there will be sometimes where dates or personnel can not move or adjust there needs to be communication to see these coming and make adjustments. The team communicates this and keeps the information on the plan and execution aligned.

*this does not mean constant meetings….



Communication is critical through out the process. Having the tools and the trust in the team and project decision makers to communicate is key to a successful project. Often projects are put into critical situations when people do not pick up on the subtle communications and this can drive the project off the documented path.